Matiz Cutlery

The Matiz range is our premier cutlery range, boasting a sleek and contemporary design. The Matiz range is made from high quality 18/10 stainless steel, and has a lovely weighted feel.

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Matiz Cheese Knife

£0.40 plus VAT
Dinner Knife Matiz

Matiz Dinner Knife

£0.26 plus VAT
Dinner Fork Matiz

Matiz Dinner Fork

£0.26 plus VAT
Dessert Spoon Matiz

Matiz Dessert Spoon

£0.26 plus VAT

Matiz Dessert Fork

£0.26 plus VAT
Soup Spoon Matiz

Matiz Soup Spoon

£0.26 plus VAT
Tea Spoon Matiz

Matiz Tea Spoon

£0.26 plus VAT
Side / Dessert Knife Matiz

Matiz Side / Dessert Knife

£0.26 plus VAT
Fish Fork Matiz

Matiz Fish Fork

£0.26 plus VAT
Fish Knife Matiz

Matiz Fish Knife

£0.26 plus VAT