Catering Equipment

We stock a wide variety of catering equipment for food preparation, cooking and storage. If you require serviceware or tableware to assist with your catering, please see the relevant category!

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2.5ft Propane Gas Barbecue / BBQ

£128.95 plus VAT

5ft Propane Gas Barbecue / BBQ

£153.45£197.77 plus VAT
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Cake / Pie Slice

£0.80 plus VAT

Carving Fork

£2.00 plus VAT

Chest Freezer Hire (300ltr)

£104.43 plus VAT

Commercial Chest Freezer 362L

£146.83 plus VAT

Electric Twin Deep Fat Fryer – 2 x 1 Gallon

£156.64 plus VAT

Ice Cream Scoop

£3.34 plus VAT

Meat Tongs

£1.38 plus VAT

Plastic Tongs

£1.18 plus VAT

Salad Tongs

£1.60 plus VAT

Stainless Steel Catering Fridge

£211.76 plus VAT

Tea Light Food Warmer

£4.89 plus VAT

Airpot Coffeee Pump (1.9 litre)

£5.37 plus VAT
Hot Cupboard Electric

Electric Hot Cupboard Hire

£70.58 plus VAT
Hot Cupboard C/W Bain Marie (dry)

Electric Hot Cupboard Bain Marie Hire (Dry)

£182.68 plus VAT