Electric Water Boiler - Safety and operation instructions

Safety Warnings
·      A competent person should operate this appliance.
·      This appliance should never be left unattended whilst switched on.
·      The unit itself can get very hot - take suitable precautions to avoid accidental burns.
·      Always put water in the urn before switching on.
·      Keep the power cord off the floor and away from all types of liquids.
·      Do not use abrasive materials to clean the appliance, as this will damage the metal surface.

Operating Instructions

·      Lift the lid and fill the urn with water. Do not fill above the max line.

·      Plug the urn in, and turn the control knob to a high setting to boil the water.

·      Once the water heated, it is not necessary to leave the boiler on the highest setting. Set the control knob to the desired number.

·      To use the boiling water, slightly open tap at front of appliance to allow the water to exit. Take care not to scold or burn yourself.

·      Once finished with the appliance turn the control knob to OFF position and remove the plug from the socket.

·      Do not attempt to move the appliance or empty the unit until it is completely cool.

The appliance is powerful and may not operate effectively if it cannot draw enough power. As such, do not overload plugs, especially if used on an extension lead.
If using an extension lead, make sure it is uncoiled - the lead will heat up and can trip the thermal cut out.
If the boiler fails to operate, please press the reset button on the underside of the machine.

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